Shaw LTSS DSR505 Audio problem

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  1. I'm not quite sure which forum to ask this question but since I usually hang out here and it is sort of FTA related I thought I would start here.

    Under the Shaw LTSS program I got my free refurbished Motorola DSR505 receiver installed, this is my first time with a sort of subscription service (free subscription) usually I'm use to diving straight in when I have a problem but this thing is a black box.
    The problem is a chirping noise in the audio at irregular intervals but usually several times a minute, I've tried every possible hook up to the TV , regular RF, composite, RBY, and S video even no TV just an audio amp and it's still there.
    Can't find much about this on Google but some one responding to similar problem thought it could be a firmware update in progress, does that sound possible?
    I've had this thing running about 12 hours so far but I turn it off (unplug) overnight, how long should I leave it running before I call Shaw, anything else I could try?
  3. I would call Shaw. The problem will not likely fix itself. They'll probably get you to do a factory reset and they'll rehit the box. After that, if it that didn't fix it, they'll send you another box.
  4. Be careful not to let shaw trick you into getting another package. I've heard of them trying to do that with LTSS customers.
  5. Under the LTSS program, you have 1 year warranty and customer service on the receiver and dish.

    Disconnect the cable in from the dish at the receiver + power cord. Reconnect after 5 minutes. If this doesn't resolve the issue, call SD for a rehit.
  6. They are sending a Tech out on Wednesday, apparently the warranty is only 90 days on the receiver seeing it's only been 2 days it's no problem.
  7. I would not leave the Receiver unplugged for any prolonged period of time, I believe they need to be connected to the Sat feed and Hydro for the programming guide etc.
  8. correct. But it should still hold authorization for a couple days unplugged.
  9. The problem is solved, the tech came did his thing and ordered a replacement receiver which arrived today, I activated it and the audio is fine. :)
  10. cool. Glad it was something simple

    I know when I had a 505 (back when it was new) I'd have audio dropouts and a reboot (unplug and replug back in) fixed it. Hopefully this one works better for ya
  11. Here is my rambling review of the LTSS system I have
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