Should you put a TV antenna on your boat?

Marine enthusiasts all over the country have spent the last month putting their boats into drydock. It’s time to start outfitting them for the next summer of fun. Now’s the time to start thinking about upgrades, and how you’re going to use the boat during those fun summer months.

Not everyone has the means to get a cabin cruiser, but if you do, you know that a big part of the fun is dropping anchor for the night, watching the sunset over the water, and settling in for an evening of peace and quiet.

Sometimes, though, peace can be a bit too peaceful. We all miss our modern conveniences and we feel like we’re missing out when we can’t be connected to the modern world. Yet, cell phones are only good for a mile or two from shore. If you really want to get some privacy you’ll want to be quite a bit further than that.

That’s where I recommend a TV antenna. Specifically, the TV antenna at the top of this article. The Televes DiNova Boss Mix is essentially the same antenna sold in other parts of the country as a marine TV antenna. It’s not specifically marine rated, but it is weatherproof and should hold up for several years to the rough marine seas. You can use it in “passive” mode for TV reception up to 40 miles away, if you’re concerned about running a powered line up to it. Properly bonded to your marine grounding system it should be as safe as any other device you have with you. In “active mode” you can get get television reception from as far as 60 miles from shore. That ought to give you plenty of privacy.

Works on water without fancy electronics​

Let’s face facts, marine satellite systems aren’t cheap. They bring a lot to the party, that’s true. If you’re not committed to a marine satellite system you can still get a lot of TV channels for free. This antenna doesn’t require the constant aiming system that a satellite dish does. It will work as long as the boat is going slower than about 13 knots. Beyond that, you run into the same problem as anyone in a moving vehicle. Unfortunately US TV reception just isn’t designed to be used in motion.

Free TV for everyone​

A TV antenna will give you tons of content, all for free and all without using up your data plan. In some coastal cities you’ll find well over 100 channels of free television. Unlike a satellite TV system, it doesn’t require costly waivers so you can get any local channels. It will always work with the local channels in any port you’re close to. Just do a quick “channel scan” on your TV and you’ll be ready to go.

With a TV antenna installed on your boat you’ll be on your way to a night full of entertainment. Of course no one goes out on the water just to stay in the cabin watching American Idol. That’s true but sometimes peace is just so darn peaceful. Why not give yourself a choice?

You can get the Televes Diginova Boss at, or if you have any marine needs at all, give us a call at 888-233-7563 and you’ll be amazed at the thousands of great parts we have available. If it’s after hours, no problem! Fill out the form below. We’ll get right back to you!

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