Show-HD and TMC-HD are pathetic in HD content

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Sep 8, 2003
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I have never seen anyone complaining about these two HD channels but they are really pathetic when it comes to HD content. I think that in the past six months Show-HD have added 5 new HD movies and have you seen that TMC-HD never has anything new but it is always a repeat of what Show-HD did a few months ago.
I would complain about it but theres nothing Voom can do about it. At this point in the game all any HD user can do is subscribe to as many HD channels he can afford and hope the programming comes.
I have sent Show-HD an email complaining to them about their poor selection of HD movies or addition of HD movies. Also, mentioned about TMC-HD.


yes Cinemax also repeats the HBO movies but at least they are more in quantity than Showtime-HD plus Cinemax has had a few which are shown first in Cinemax-HD and then repeated on HBO-HD.

In my opinion, the Show-HD pack is worthless from an HD point of view. Not enough content. Please complaint to showtime.
I have noticed that Showtime and The Movie Channel both show standard definition content broadcast in a 4:3 aspect ratio more than any other HD channel. Really the only thing I like about Showtime is Penn & Tellers: Bullsh!t and Dead Like Me.
which is why I wish V* would price their premium packs like D* $12 for 1st, $11 for 2nd, etc. If I had that choice, I'd subscribe to only HBO and Starz, the only ones that don't suck or are just duplicates. With V*, that's $30 already and I may as well spring for VVV*. B*st*rds!
I only have Showtime for there original programming, which is done in HD. Shows like Dead Like Me, Street Time, and The L Word. I also enjoy there boxing, which even HBO doesn't show in HD. I would never recommend anyone get Showtime for there movies. Even there standard collection is worse than any other movie pak.

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