if I were head of programming dept...


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May 14, 2004
... I would reshuffle the channel lineup like so:

WORLDHD: hdnews (1/2 hr 6x daily), equator
PLAYHD: worldsports, rush, bikinihd (THIS IS MY #1 JOB, my #2 job being to acquire inhd)
SCREENHD1thru5: cinema10, epics, animania. divinehd will be 2x a week show, with a regular host and a different guest each week. For fun, I'd have them do a MST3K running commentary type of thing (when the material calls for it of course).
STYLEHD: ultra, gallery, auction (if you must),moov
MONSTERHD, RAVEHD get their own channels, cause I say so.

10 exclusivechannels with better PQ (I'm betting that people will perceive better PQ whether it's actually true or not, but very likely, PQ will indeed improve) and larger rotation. For a change, let people bitch about the scheduling and lack of dvr to record stuff they want to watch.

PS: I'd fire Shari (?) and ask Jess how she feels about skirts :)
Now you hit a marketing snag their, how exactly do you go from being "Voom - the most HD channels around" to "Voom we have the just as many HD as everyone else, and we look better!"

One sounds triumphant and the other apologetic.

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