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Hi, I am currently watching telstar 5 programming on a dsr 3700 samsung dish, Samsung High gain LNB and a 76 cm wineguard dish. I'm getting good signal strength (80%) and quality (76%) is there any way to fine tune the signal to go closer to 100% or I'm stuck with that? Also I have an inline amplifier from radio shack and it's helping a little bit, if I put 2 of those amplifiers in series would I get a better signal or it would mess it up? Thank you for your responds.


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Sep 7, 2003
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Inline amplifiers helps prevent you from having voltage loss in the line needed to power the lnbf's and change polarities, but does not help you gain signal strength. Try rotating the lnbf to change the polarity if that is how the polarity adjusts on that dish. That may help your signal especially with the quality of it.

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