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Apr 13, 2008

I cannot seem to figure out what is causing a problem I am having with the system.
traxis 3500, winegard, 2100 motor with adapter.
Before you get all worried about the setup, everything has been working flawlessly for a long while now.

I haven't watched the satellite for a few weeks and when I turned on the receiver it was locked (wouldn't turn on from remote or buttons on the receiver). I ended up unplugging and replugging it in and it became responsive.

SO here is the bulk of the problem.
I wasn't getting much of anything so figured maybe dish was a bit off from wind or earthquake :) or something.

SO I went to the menu and used the motor to turn left or right (e/w) a bit and mostly no matter what sat I point to I get only 1-2 transponders weakly instead of the 3-4-5-6+ that I was getting.

Watching the signal quality, I got the ladder out and put a gentle little push on the dish - up - down, left, right, twist and signal does not improve. Usually it WOULD improve if the dish was misaligned a bit.

But here is the weird part. For many transponders that have a weak signal, watching the meter while doing NOTHING, the quality will jump all over the place (0-19 or 28-40) back and forth.

Now occassionally I have a really strong signal on a transponder and I get great reception. Later nothing. I had all the PBS in, now I do not.

NOTHING on the system has changed. Cables are fine, don't see how dish would warp suddenly, especially when sometimes I get perfect reception on some transponders.

I do not know if it is the LNB, dish, receiver?
Anyone have experience with this??
Please help, I am losing my mind...

Thank you all in advance!
Southern Cal
traxis 3500
winegard, 2100 motor w/ adapter


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Sep 22, 2005
L.A., Calif.
Well, how about changing out the cable?
Big jumps in signal level like that suggest a loose connection or a very flaky receiver (or LNB).
I doubt your receiver suddenly went bad... but it's always possible.

I'd proceed in this order:
- verify you have a clear line of sight - no trees or bushes in the way ...
- move the motor to any satellite you can get a signal on
- take receiver out near dish
- run a short NEW cable directly from the LNB to the receiver and seee how it works.
- if it's still intermittent, then consider the receiver (and lastly the LNB)

That would be my guess.
Perhaps someone will have a better one. - :eureka

edit: oh, and what does "motor with adapter" mean?


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Aug 20, 2006
Rison , Arkansas
i tell you i went through changing out & making up new cables last week

my problem turned out to be several cables. so swapping out cables kept leading down the road that the cables were good :( tried replacing all the coax connectors no help...

i had enough cable on hand to run one piece ( removing everything else from the equation) and add them back one at a time till i found the two bad cables.

oh and by the way one section ( its buried) is going bad and with it hooked up could sometime get threshold levels on my coolsat only to jump back and forth and mostly staying in the 20's & 30's for Quality and signal would jump from the low 50's to high 50's low 60's for signal levels

so thats where i would look first coax

edit: oh, and what does "motor with adapter" mean?
i took it to mean larger tube added ( 50 mm as opposed to the standard 43mm motor tube)


Apr 13, 2008
OK, I will check cable, but it does seem odd as when I get a good signal I get good picture. It seems that I am just not getting as many transponders as I usually do.

Cables all run under eaves or through garage so shouldn't be much possibility for exposure or rot.

I was leaning toward the receiver or LNB. (LNB is invacom universal - and that is put in the setup).
We had a power outage recently and figured maybe recvr is going bad since it was unresponsive.
I have to order a new one to test that.

as for adapter - I have a stab 120 with a winegard 76 - they are incompatible without a bracket adapter on the motor arm. Else the dish can't get the proper elevation.

Thanks for the help.

anyone have any other experience similar you were able to solve.


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Dec 26, 2006
Wild fluctuations sounds like water in the cable or in a connector, C-band dishes I've had do the same thing if you get moisture in the wrong places! Try a hair dryer and dry everything out close to your connectors, if possible, see if it helps. May have to replace a connection or two.


Apr 13, 2008
Thanks for the suggestions.
I probably wont get time to check all the cables until this weekend.

I am still puzzled by this though.

I was going through the recvr a few minutes ago and found this:

- 1 t/p on G10R at ~60% quality, a few others flux between 0-20,
- nothing on G25 but a few flucuations,
- absolutely nothing on amc3,
- 1 really strong t/p on G26
- but I have 70% quality on several t/p's for amc1 (feeds, etc)

I have no dish obstructions, again nothing in the system has changed (except for signal/quality).
I reset the lnb to normal ku and back to universal as I saw somewhere else - no changes.

anyway, just curious while waiting for time to get out to the system again if there were any other thoughts.

thanks again.
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