Signal Strength in North-East?

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Apr 16, 2004
Highland, NY
Hi Everyone,
I setup my own Triple-LNB Oval HiDef Dish and I am getting the following Signal Strength readings (average):
SAT-101 = 93
SAT-110 = 93
SAT-119 = 84
I was wondering if anyone else with this setup in the NorthEast US (I'm in NY) could tell me what their readings are.
I couldn't seem to get any higher reading from the 119.
I'd appreciate any info from other as well as advice for boosting that 119 signal.
Im in South Jersey and i get the same readings you are getting. although i do have a tree that does grow more full in the summer, i am in the high 90's in the winter/
with these signal strengths you should have no problem at all
i'm in northern nj and my signals are close to yours. however, for me as well, in the winter my signals go up a bit because a tree loses its leaves that is near my dish. i would say that in the winter on almost all transponders I am in the low 90s with a few in the upper 90s and some in the mid 80s. In the summer I get most in the low 90s and others in the low 80s. I've never had a problem with my signal at any point, summer or winter.
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