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Sep 8, 2003
I call customer service today and was allowed to sign up for the HD package, it will start on Sept. 16th. They will charge my account the full $9.99 and then credit me for half of the mouth. I asked about the free Super Disk upgrade offer and she said I will be eligible for this upgrade until the end of this year, and to schedule it when it is available.
Wow I am surprised they took the order already! Usually you have to fight with them on the day the package is available to get the package. (And then they usually have no idea what your talking about) :)

Too bad no free preview like DirecTV gave their HD viewers.
I think we should just be glad they are not making us wait until mid october early november to get period.
I just signed up as well. The CSR wanted to to activate the package on my account but realized that the package was not available until 9/16 later on. I signed up for the yearly subscription. It looks like the package is already in the account just waiting for 9/16 to be activated 8)

Can't wait till 9/16....
I just signed up for it as well!

I'm waiting to talk to someone right now in order to get the 8psk. :)
I just signed up as well.

This lady didn't sound like she was in the US.

She kept trying to upsell me on things I already had.

But surprisingly she knew about the HD package. So that makes all right with the world. :D
Just called - the McKeesport (sp?) PN call center said NO, we cannot sign people up for the HD package until next Tuesday. So obviously, not all call centers are up to date.
Wally, call back and try again. I, too, have signed up. The CSR wasn't aware of all the options, but she did look and, lo! and behold! there was the option! For me, $14.01 difference added to my next bill (plus partial month pro-rate) for the annual subscription (over my just-renewed DHDT package).
Yes, I was going to update, but you beat me to a posting.

I called back almost immediately, got McKeesport PN again, and the CSR said YES, checked a few things, and walla! I am singed up.

And yes, it would be nice if they threw the switch a little early (once they are through testing), and those with enabled receivers (those who signed up already) suddenty gets the new channels.
I got cut off while waiting to order my 8psk and called back. The person I spoke to said that it was odd that I was able to sign up for the HD pack already, went to a supervisor and they came back and said no can do right now. So, I did *not* get signed up afterall. Dang... :(

I was really hoping to get the 8psk before the 16th, but it looks liek I won't be able to order it until then.
If you have discovery hd and upgrade to the new hd package, it will deactivate discovery hd. I am now on the phone with E* to resolve this.
Here is what's happening. E* has no way of sign you up for the new HD package without deactivating Discovery HD (if you are a current subscriber). I will have to call on 9/16 to re-activate the new HD package.
Has anyone been able to activate this HD package only, without top 50?
I would like to use my old 6000 for HD only in my theater without subbing to anything else.

I was a dish customer years ago, and can not qualify for any promos to replace my other gear. :?
Thanks for any info
Thanks Scott,
If half of the rumours out there come true on the up and comming HD channels I for one will be a very happy camper. :D :D :D
I called on this yesterday re: the free 8PSK module, and was told I couldn't sign up for the deal until the 16. Herein lies the problem, since I obviously won't have the module when I sign up for the package! Gah! I'm actually surprised they did not address this on the chat.
TheaterWizard said:
Thanks Scott,
If half of the rumours out there come true on the up and comming HD channels I for one will be a very happy camper. :D :D :D

What rumors? Which channels? Don't just tease us, give us the dope. Thanks..
I called again to try ordering again and this time I was able to order. They were able to add the package *and* get me my free 8PSK ordered. I should have the module next week Wednesday, so I only miss one day of the package...

Here's one thing I don't get. In order to get the 8PSK, I thought you just had to commit to not dropping the HD package for one year. But, they made me *pay* for the full year in order to get the PSK module free. That was fine since I wanted to pay for it all up front anyway.

Are they going to require us pay for a second full year up front with the Super Dish too or did I just get a confused CSR.

The CSR's mentioned that they now have instructions on how to handle the ordering of the package and the 'Enhanced HD Module' which is making things a lot easier on them.

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