So did Charlie Make you happy last night?


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Sep 7, 2003
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I know there were a bunch of people who were threatning to jump ship if Charlie did not say something they liked last night.

To those of you who were in this boat, what is your opinion of things now?
I was on the fence early in August with the announced DVR fees and lack of a credible HD 'direction', . . . and had started to do the research into other alternatives.

I was able to avoid the DVR fees via a special $149. DVR508 offer direct from Dish, . . . which allowed me some time to wait to see where Dish was going with HDTV. Based on all the information this spring with new slots etc, it sure sounded like Dish would be the eventual HDTV leader, even though Direct had the first package. I am a patient person, . . . but when Dish failed to meet some major announced commitments this summer, I sure was starting to get worried. Now, at least it looks like they have woken up and are starting to do the right things. I sure do hope this continues in this positive direction.

Funny thing is, last summer when I built my home theater I went through a lengthy decision process at that time whether I should get the 6000u then, or wait for the 921 which at the time was 'right around the corner' with at late '02 release date. What a joke that would have been to wait back then :D
I was very unhappy with Dish, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, so I will stay for now. :D

One question, if I sign up for the HD package on 9/16/03, will I still be eligible for the Free Superdish on 11/1/03. :rolleyes:
First, I really like the site. Great Job.

Having already invested alot in HD, with Dish, I was not one of those "seriously" considering the jump to Direct. I was one of those that was really upset over the continuing "now buy this" approach. Which is something that I communicated to Charlie, by email.

It seemed as though we were going to be hit for a new purchase every month.

I think last night's chat did alot of good for most E* HD subscibers.

We got some hard dates, an early (and availible) launch on the HD package and the "sharing of the HD cost" from the last tech chat was put to bed.

More info and better news than I've seen in months.

Even though their presentation abilities are clunky at best, this chat presented some concrete information and provided me with enough incentive to stay with E*. I am especially glad that the superdish will be essentially free for me to upgrade to. I'm really looking forward to see how far they get by the end of this year. Now, where's that 721 software update?! :mrgreen: (just kidding!)
I am happier, that is for sure. Finally something other than tune in next time. I'm still on the fence though regarding the 921 v HD DirecTivo. Also the status of the 721 play into this as well. I really dislike the look and feel of the 5xx series menus, etc and wanted to chuck my 7200 and buy a 721 to go in the bedroom, paired with my 6000 that would move up from downstairs when it and another 7200 were replaced by the 921.

If the 721 is not available then I have to really decide if I can suck it up and live with a PVR that operates and looks as if it was an old dish receiver cobbled together with a hard drive or if I want to go the DirecTivo route all around.

Overall, Charlie went a long way toward correcting the issues I and others on the net had complained about last night. Especially the thing about the free SuperDish.
Do we need to be reminded that these plans have probably been in the works for a VERY long time? You don't just cook up a "deal" overnight and spring it on your customers. Details may be adjusted as the plans firm up, but the general ideas (superdish, new channels, etc.) have been there for a long time. As I stand back and watch, the "adjustments" are probably the "bone" they tossed to us with having the new HD channels on 110, but the general ideas that haven't changed ARE the new channels, superdish, etc. For me, Charlie DID make me happy! ;-) :)
I certainly am happier as it looks like I can get HD for $399 receiver, and free SuperDish.

I just would like to get some HD now, so I'm considering if I should get a 6000 meanwhile......
I have invested quite a bit in E*. I was ready to jump ship. I am happy that I did not have to put the equipment (that I own) for sell. It would have been an inconvenience to change to D* for me. But if E* had not given us these deals, I was ready and willing to go with D*.
I have not been posting about HD issues (at the other forum) because I felt I could wait to see how things shake out. Sure seems like they "shook" out pretty good. For me the issue has been the DVR fees. I cannot pay an additional $240 a year on top of the TOP 150, HBO/CINNEMAX, superstations and locals fees. ($240 = $5.00 2nd receiver fee, $5.00 DVR fee, & $10.00 HD fee) I am even beyond needing the DVR fee dropped. They would have to drop that and the 2nd reciever fee for me to buy a $999 unit or even at a special buy of $799. I would consider AEP if they were to also drop the 2nd receiver fee.
But this certainly was a much needed Charlie Chat with some real information and for the most part welcomed information.
Had the latest generation of D* receivers come out already I would have been long gone.

I tried the local cable offerings for a free month a few months ago and it wasn't a good experience for me so I dumped them. Now, they're starting to add new HD programming (including PBS and CBS) and have sent me another offer for their top package at $59.99 p/mo for a year with an additional $5 off p/mo on my cable internet (after a year the package goes up at least $25 p/mo). Problem is, I hate them :x

Last night's chat has left me feeling frustrated because I've been chomping at the bit for HD for so long. Now, if I want HD w/E* I have to spend $200 for the 6000U, an antiquated and slow box that doesn't have RF pass through, which is an important issue for me. In 2 (?) months it'll be relegated to my closet that contains a 4900 receiver already (anybody want to buy a 4900?). I can't imagine the 6000U having much resale value at that point.
Then, I'll have to buy another receiver, the 811, or if they offer a knock your socks off deal for current subs, the 921. If I purchase the 6000U now, will they give me the Super Dish upgrade for free when it comes out? Can I order the 6000U & free Super Dish now?
I still have to wait another month to hopefully hear definitive word on the new packages which may still be delayed or difficult to acquire in a timely fashion due to availability problems and lack of qualified installers for the dish. Will switch upgrades be part of the install?
Lots of questions and at least a month for possible answers followed by even more time waiting for realization of my desires. Yes, frustrating and confusing. What to do?
After seeing the quality of Dish DVR's in the past that gives me another reason to not purchase a 921 at this time but wait and see other's experience with the product may be.

My other reasons is that I do not see paying $1,000 for it, and do not have an HD television yet. $500+ for a 721 is the limit for me for a satellite receiver, did not want to put that much in one but have an interest in the technology and really like the 721 interface and extra storage capability compared to the 501/508 receivers.

I have been waiting for the pricing to come down and it has some but then the HD DVR now needs to come down in price as well.
Well I was on the fence but the SuperDish theme song won me over ;)
I'm already happy with my HD setup...but wanted more channels. In that respect, he made ME happy. However, I see **many** people will not be as happy when they find out that Charlie "slipped" when mentioning that E* would include the HD OTA Tuner in the Model 6000 deal...only to find out later that it costs almost $150 additional!
If Charlie slipped on something that should cost $150 extra then perhaps you should take advantage of that and say that you seen Charlie say that on the Charlie Chat and that you want the deal he said you could get. It could be considered false advertisement if you do not get the deal that was said on the chat.
I was happy with the free Superdish upgrade, and happy that he blew away people with the 6000 for $199 deal.

I would have been happier with a firmer date ont he 921 release, but at least we are talking weeks and not quarters at this point.

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