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Sep 7, 2003
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No new information here. There has just been so many different moves on Sky Angel's part in the past few days that I wanted to post a summary of what other threads are discussing.

9703 Currently KTV will become KTV / Spirit TV

9705 Spirit TV (GONE)

9709 SuperChannel TBN (a local channel from Florida) will be replaced by TBN National channel in June

9710 3ABN (GONE) Some 3ABN programming available on channel 9701 and 9711. Some specials may be included on 9702

9715 Golden Eagle (GONE)

Daystar which was formerly on Sky Angel, then on Sky Angel and Dish, then on Sky Angel only, then no where on the E* system is now back on dish channel 263. Discussion here

Spirit TV Discussion HERE

Discussion about Spirit, 3ABN and Golden Eagle Here

Discussion about TBN Here

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