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Sep 22, 2010
upstate NY
Wondering if these things really work. I am looking for a dish cover like the Wedgie covers (complete cover style) but have read in some forums, they made the signal worse. Anyone know the whole scoop? I have a snow problem and it is a problem getting to the dish to clean it.


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Mar 7, 2006
I used 1 on my dish for a while, it had an American flag on it. It let signal pass through real good for a while, something happened, not sure what, maybe the sun changed the physical characteristics of it. Anyhow had to remove it because signal was knocked way down. If keeping your dish clean is going to be an issue I say go with a dish heater.


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May 8, 2007
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Spray your dish with silicone spray. The stuff used for making things slide. Snow won't stick to it. You can also use RainX. I've used both (at different times) and they work real well. Some folks have used cooking spray (like Pam) but I haven't tried that myself. We live just outside Buffalo, NY/Niagara Falls, NY so we definitely put it to the test. :)
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