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Oct 26, 2005
Currently, we bring our 3LNB dish mounted to a wood stand I built to football games for tailgating along with 1 HD receiver and a 19" LCD tv.

We're able to receive HD off channels 80/82/86/88 for the networks, and a few other HD channels using that.

We'd like to get a slimline dish for this upcoming season so we can watch other channels in HD while we tailgate.

Obviously, the slimline is very big compared to the 3LNB dish.

Does anyone know where I can get a slimline and some sort of tripod/stand we could use so we can put it on the ground in the parking lot?


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Jun 30, 2007
Sacramento, CA
Yes I read somewhere there is a tripod for it but the size may be an issue. You may not need the Simline if all the games are from one satellite. I am sure other more tech inclined folks can chip in.


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Sep 7, 2003
Get a Rohn $35 standard HD tripod from Radio Shack. Get a 1-5/8" galvanized chain link link fence post from Home Depot for about $6. Cut off a 30 inch section, and use this adapter that allows the two inch socket to fit on the 1-5/8" pole.

DirecTV AT9/AU9 KA/KU Adapter for old 1-5/8" pole - eBay (item 150232331647 end time Apr-08-08 23:16:37 PDT)

You can pay big bucks for a hard to find 2 inch actual pole and a special tripod that will fit it. But, why bother?

A fellow subcontracting installer friend of mine developed the adapter, and it saves so muct time and hassle. We use the tripod and slimline for apartment balcony installs. And, they are ALL satisfied with the install. We've done over a hundred and more.
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