Sling Adapter with 722

Oct 14, 2011
I have the 722 receiver and plan to hook up the sling adapter soon. When accessing from a remote location will it change TV1 or TV2 or do you have a choice to choose which it will change?

Also, when watching DVR recordings from a remote location, does the DVR recording take over TV1 or TV2, or does it not affect either?


SatelliteGuys Pro
May 30, 2010
It takes over tv2 by putting up a message saying it is in use. It gives the home viewer the option to interrupt it too. There is no way to swap it to tv1 and same goes for DVD recordings it uses tv2.

A way around that is to turn on the tv1modulation and just turn the tv2 tv to that modulated channel and have 2 tv1 remotes if you think it will cause an issue.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Dec 30, 2010
Denver, Colorado
Not always true. When I use sling with my takes over tv2. But from takes over tv1

That's a bug and the reason I avoid DO like the plague.

TheKrell is right. It may look like it takes over TV1, but there is a bug that when you start a DVR event from, it also starts on TV1. You can simply stop the event on TV1 when this happens, as it will not affect streaming (which does come from TV2 only)