Sling Media Introduces Slingbox 700U for Television Service Providers

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Sling Media Introduces Slingbox 700U for Television Service Providers

DISH Network plans to be first to take sleek, ultra-slim device that adds HD Slingbox capability to any compatible set-top box using simple USB connection

Las Vegas, Nev., USA – Jan. 6, 2010 – Sling Media, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS), today unveiled the Slingbox® 700U and announced that DISH Network plans to be the first television service provider to add the device to its product lineup. The smallest Slingbox yet, the Slingbox 700U is the fastest way of adding award-winning Slingbox capabilities to an existing Internet-connected set-top box such as DISH Network’s ViP HD DVR.

“Television service providers are constantly looking for ways to deliver new and exciting services to satisfy existing customers and attract new customers,” said John M. Paul, executive vice president of Products at Sling Media. “The surprisingly small, easy-to-install Slingbox 700U delivers ‘TV Everywhere’ services at a low acquisition and installation cost because it connects via USB on the existing set-top box and self-configures.”

The Slingbox 700U eliminates the need for television service providers to invest in the development of their own placeshifting set-top boxes in order to offer “TV Everywhere” services. The newest Slingbox is easy to set up and can help television service providers reduce training and installation costs. The Slingbox 700U can significantly reduce time-to-market for television service providers wanting to add “TV Everywhere” services to their portfolio.

“The Slingbox 700U is an ideal device to implement our ‘TV Everywhere’ strategy for existing customers with ViP series satellite TV receivers,” said Ira Bahr, chief marketing officer for DISH Network. “Sling Media has developed an easy-to-install Slingbox that greatly expands the number of customers who can enjoy ‘TV Everywhere’ around the house, or anywhere outside the home, on their laptops or mobile smart phones.”

How It Works
The Slingbox 700U’s sleek, modern and ultra-slim enclosure only hints at the technical sophistication inside. It is powered through a USB connection which removes the need for any other wires or connectors. In real time, the Slingbox 700U decrypts incoming video, transcodes it and then re-encrypts it for secure transmission over the Internet.

The Slingbox 700U is one in a suite of products and services that EchoStar Technologies L.L.C and its affiliate Sling Media are making available to television service providers to help them attract new subscribers, retain current customers, and bring placeshifting to the largest audience possible.

Sling Media will be demonstrating this new technology in Booth 9021 at the Consumer Electronics Show 2010 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Photos of Sling Media products are downloadable at Sling Media - Media Overview.


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If I am not mistaken, though the VIP622/722's have 2 USB ports (one of front, one on back), only one can be used at a time. Would adding the 700U deny you the opportunity to use an external Hard Drive for storage? And if not, would you be able to use a USB hub on back as opposed to having to hook one of the two up in the front USB?


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It say for setop boxes like the VIP series, are they providing a SDK for other companies to support this device or it merely a dishnetwork addon.

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