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SatelliteGuys Pro
Jan 22, 2007
Eau Claire, WI
Ok guys I am very confused on this.

I Have attempted to research the whole sling concept in the past and always get intimidated by the cost and how it really works.

I will first tell you my situation and hopefully you can help me out with an answer.

My wife took employment in another city and we are apart for probably a year and half. So right now we are paying for our Dish at home and she has Charter at her temp place.

So to make it simple. Can I get buy a slingbox and have her be able to watch our home dish on her TV there.

I get confused because they sell that other product that is suppose to hook up to her tv at the other place.

I guess I dont understand why we cant just do a direct laptop connection to her LCD tv.

If this possible would you guys consider it a vaild replacement to her cable there.

Thanks Guys
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Pub Member / Supporter
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Jul 12, 2007
Yes. It will sling to a computer and you can use your LCD moniter. It will not however sling hd.
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Jan 4, 2007
Fairfax, VA
That would work. The only caveat is that the remote Sling stream is pretty pathetic at something like 320X280 if memory serves. You could buy a Slingbox Pro HD...
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