Smart FTA satellite receiver?

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Jan 23, 2005
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I was was wondering smart FTA receiver can do speech to text just in case there is no CC or Subtitling feeds to be had.

I know the technology is there now and Can any build this proto type FTA satellite receiver?:hungry

This will be great for hard of hearing and deaf same goes for old timers out there who like to watch stations and raw news feeds don't send in CC and Subtitling.:)

Let me know what you think?:hatsoff
In terms of the System on a Chip (SoC) that inexpensive satellite receivers use, speech to text is not a feature you'll likely ever see. That most programming comes with closed captioning makes this an extremely low return on investment proposition. CART devices tend to be computer-based and as such, would require significant hardware help to adapt the text stream to an overlay on live video. Where HDCP is involved, this might not be possible.

There are a number of standalone transcribers but they don't get you anywhere near what you would need to approximate on-screen closed captioning.
I try to experiment with Dragon Speaking software couple years ago with my radio receiver tuning in KKOB AM 770 KHz 50 KW blowtorch.

What I remembered Dragon Speaking software came out 50 to 75 % printing words on screen!:biggrin Not bad but not perfect though. I was hoping our technology has gotten a lot better now.

Remember the TOS Star Trek, that's show the poor Secretary lady shouting to the speech to text typewriter to stop typing!:p

I think the Star Trek episode called Assignment Earth was filmed in the 60's blast from the past!;)
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I was hoping our technology has gotten a lot better now.
Voice recognition has made big strides in the last two years as evidenced by all of the devices that use voice control now (Ecobee now offers an Alexa-powered light switch).

The problem with what you're asking is whether or not there is enough of a market to adapt that technology to cheap FTA receivers. It is my belief that that market would be extremely limited (perhaps in the dozens of units tops?). This is a situation where the incumbent method (closed captioning) has pretty much salted the market for alternatives.
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