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Apr 26, 2004
Florissant, Mo.
I've long ago cancelled my dish network account and switched to DirecTV. Now I'm selling my Dish Network model 7200 receiver on E-bay.

Should I provide the smart card with the unit, or keep it for security reasons? Could someone use my smart card and somehow attempt to charge ME on it? If so, does Dish Network provide a new subscriber a new smart card automatically?

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Jan 25, 2004
Land O Lakes, FL
you will get less if you don't include it. nothing would be charged to you. the person activating it would provide the smart card number and the receiver number to dish and they would add the receiver to the other persons account.

if you have the old blue card, dish would have to send them a new yellow card.

otherwise, it is safe to include your smartcard.
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Apr 24, 2004
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In my case, I've yet to receive the new smartcard for my 2700 and a nifty recorded message just told me that my 2700 will be "deactivated in 24-48 hours". Not a good deal. So, I'm hoping my new smartcard will arrive before they shut it off, otherwise, I'll need to call them and get an extention on the blue card until the yellow card arrives...

No problem with my 811 though, as it doesn't have a smartcard.
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