Snow and Ice on dish

We just had some wet, sticky snow, and the dish signal went out. So I tilted the dish to a vertical position and waited a few hours.
The dish is on the roof of a two story house and very difficult to get to in the winter, so for the past 25 years, when it snows a lot, we have to tilt the dish for a few hours, it always works.
I did come here to find a better solution. Maybe I'll try that snow & ice repellant next year.
Throw a snowball at it. One hit will shake the snow off
"oh. you satellfoots. you so funny. you think totem pole aliveeee"
A nice dark leaf bag. One of these babies inside. Carefully stretched and fitted to the dish assy.
....bobs your uncle (but gramma knows better).

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Love the Pulp Fiction reference
I have tried so many things! At my location at 4200ft we get freezing rain followed by sleet then finally a pellet snow and very rarely powder. My next problem is storms come directly at the dish and always with wind. My efforts have been silicone spray, Spam, Teflon spray for dishes, trash bags, tarps and finally three reptiles under tank heaters stuck to the back with double sided insulation. And I still loose signal and go out with hot water to remove the snow. I look forward to the suggestions!
Supersoaker gun, and hot water.