So, is the overwhelming opinion of the 522 that it's a POS?


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Jun 24, 2004
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...'cuz I'm moments away from choosing between E* and D*. Here are the pros for both, as I've seen it from lurking around here and DBSTalk for the past month or so...


- fiance likes them, has had them for years
- the 522 can feed two tv's (sharing shows between two rooms), record two shows at once, and has 100 hours of capacity
- equipment is on lease, w/ no E* "contract": I'm not pleased, I can leave.

- DirecTiVo has better GUI and is more stable...I'm familiar with TiVo - I've had one or two (Season Pass, anyone?)
- NFL, NFL, NFL (not a HUGE plus since I'm really only speaking of the NFL Network, not the season ticket thingy)


- 522 is buggy still with no NBR...for a while (Sept? Oct? Jan?)
- the stability of E*: some have questions about their longevity

- DirecTiVo is pretty costly if I want more than 35 hours.
- Can't "share" shows as easily
- a "contract"

Have I laid it out clear enough? My confusion is HUGE...I like the idea of a central video server feeding both TV's, but the consensus seems to be that the 522 is not quite ready for prime I jumping on a sinking boat? Has the boat even left the dock???
I think you have been misimformed about Echostar's finances, they have been making a profit and paying off their debt early.

No doubt the 522 has some bugs, but most people do not seem to find or be bothered by them. If named based recording is important to you, I would not count on the 522 ever having it, that way you will never be disappointed if they never get it working right or it does not work like you expect. Never consider future possible features.

What you need to do is forget about the recievers and look at the programming first. Who has what you want in which packages and how much it will cost you to get it. If you live and die for NFL season ticket then only DIRECTV will make you happy. If you cannot live without the superstations because you do not have WB/UPN locally then only Dish will make you happy. If you have to pay $10/month more for your service because the package that has the channels you want in it, you probably will be happier with the less expensive service.

Dish does have the advantage of no commitment, so you can change your mind later, but it is going to be a big pain to change your mind since you will have to go through the whole install over again.
Your pros seem to outweigh your cons for E*.
I'll just say that I've never had a DTivo. I got a 522 earlier this year, and have to say I love it. It does everything I want (1 reciever for 2 TV's!), the bugs really aren't as bad (to me, anyway) as everyone says, and I couldn't see watching TV without it. To be honest, I'm not even sure that I'd want a DTivo...

In any case, you shouldn't even listen to ppl on here. You should make up your OWN mind and go with it. Find one of your friends with a 522 and ask to see it.
Whichever you choose, good luck, and happy watching! :)
My showroom 522 is a POS constant problems but I make good use of it to sell DirecTiVos which work perfectly!!!! I have replaced my DISH DVR's on my personal subscription with TiVo and in 9+ months nave never had to reset my TiVo or complain about its operation.
boba said:
My showroom 522 is a POS constant problems but I make good use of it to sell DirecTiVos which work perfectly!!!! I have replaced my DISH DVR's on my personal subscription with TiVo and in 9+ months nave never had to reset my TiVo or complain about its operation.

How boring , no problems. I don't know how I would react to having no problems with my Dish receivers. :rolleyes:

I thought the 522 had a lot of potential when they first announced it but as usual it has Dish's " not ready for primetime software." Well maybe in another year it will function properly.

I have had a lot of new receivers with Dish and I usually gt them when they first come out. With the 721 it took 18 months to get a stable receiver. OF course now it has the "unknown channel 77" bug and the Dish Home applications still don't work.

I am now working through all the bugs with the 921 receiver. I hope in another year it will be at least up to where the 721 is now minus the above mentioned bugs.

Now the origional 7100/7200 dishplayer pvrs were a nightmare and I bailed big time after three rmas in a few weeks. I hear now it works pretty good but that one took a few years to get stable.

It takes alot to be on the cutting edge with Dish , a lot of patience and time ......... ;)
The problems I have had with my 522 has been minimal at best but some folks are having major malfunctions. Also the price is right in my opinion. Isn't tivo like 12 bucks a month? The only difference is the nbr if that's important to you. Me personally if I were you would go with E*.
Other than having tuner1 go out on my first 522, I am quite happy with it. It does have the occaisional Caller ID hiccup, but as far as timers and recording, I have had no PVR problems.

mike123abc has it right when he sez to look at the programming first and decide between D* or E*. If the content appeals to you, then equipment becomes a secondary issue. Base your choice on programming that you want now and programming you may want in 6 months or a year.

I came over from D* because of content back in Jan. It is a switch I have not regretted yet and I was a D* customer since Prime* back in '94.
typerk Isn't tivo like 12 bucks a month? [/QUOTE said:
DirecTivo's are $4.95/month for the entire account, not per unit. If you subscribe to Platinum they waive the monthly fee.
Having a 2 Tuner DVR with 2 outputs and the larger hard drive is what is making my decision to either switch to D* or stay with E*a tough one when it comes time for me to upgrade my equipment for a DVR and my locals, plus the fact that only E* has the Superstation package. I am happy with AT180 too, however I could be quite content with TC+ as well. Since D*Tivo already has NBR and is more stable, this makes D* tempting, for me switching to D* or staying with E* is not a clear cut choice. When I am ready to upgrade it will likely amount to weather E* will give me a deal on the 522, if not D*Tivo here I come. :)

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