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May 31, 2004
Boonieville, Thumb Area, MI
I got my SuperDish put in yesterday and I love it. This morning, I saw on my bill that Dish charged me 175 for the dish. I called them in, and they said that because I wasn't signed up with a 1 yr comittment from the get go, they can't do anything. I went through this entire process of getting the superdish with the intent of signing up for auto-pay and a 1 year comittment. I'm playing CSR roulette, but I'm going to email and i'm going to talk to my retailer.
CSR roulette seemed to work. I talked to a guy who said he is going to post the 175+tax adjustment to the bill, so all i will owe is 4 bucks for the 3 weeks of locals I have for July. He says he has to first get approval for the adjustment.
I have been having an issue with CSR's messing up not putting in the correct information when they are supposed to if at all. They are not being trained properly when it comes the SuperDish upgrade/install promotion. The last time I called after doing a SuperDish upgrade and telling them that I wanted to add the locals and that I had a SuperDish upgrade she said that she had to make a workorder to schedule the installation. I asked her why she was doing it after I told her that I installed it and told her to cancel it out and she said she couldn't. This made me angry and I finally got her to do so. Then I had to make sure she got the codes in there correctly. Then after telling me all of that she said that her computer was down.

I had another experience where they charged a NEW subscriber $24.99 when they are not supposed to be charged anything for the SuperDish. I like never got that fixed. They kept on and kept on trying to tell me that they could not get the charge reversed. I had to speak to supervisor and everything.

Be VERY careful with these SuperDish upgrades or you will experience problems when trying to activate. Some of the CSR's do not seem like they know what they are doing and cannot fix their mistakes.

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