software update for 811 a bust


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Feb 25, 2004
after spending almost an hour with a tech advisor he told me that the last software update for the 811 was the 2.63 on 12/23/03. he also told me the update the techs were talking about on the tech chat on channel 101 2/09/04 have been pushed back to at least the 1st week of march, but more than likely, probably towards the end of march. just wanted to share the info. he also stated that if the 811 softwre issues weren't taken care of soon that the may just wash thier hands of the whole project. this came directly from dish network. he did tell me that if they couldn't get the 811 to work in way that that would make dish customers happy. then they would relpace them with another hd reciever. ....... i do not have the 811 just yet. i recieve it 03/03/04. if it weren't for websites like this, i would not have had a clue. i've been with dish almost ten years, since they first started. it makes me pretty scared to see a company use equipment that isn't quite ready for market.
Yea, I had a feeling we wouldn't see any update. I think they were just blowing smoke to calm us down and get us excited. :( Hopefully soon we will get something before our patience runs totally out. Bill
I am about done with the waiting. Two months, still no update and no clear information on when the update will happen. Different CSR's make up different replies. If there is any validity to the HD swapout rumor, it might be worth hanging around until the end of March to see if I can whine enough to get a deal on the mythical 921 (out of the frying pan and into the fire? - LOL).

C'mon Dish. As the song says, there is a thin line between love and hate. I am dancing on the line.

Maybe not be so bad...

8 days ago I call E* to drop AT180 and HBO from my 811 (I'm a Voomer now) and they are still there. I had the same stuff dropped from my 508 and it was gone in minutes.

I've since call three times to re-confirm the changes to the 811 and they've said these should occur withing hours..... so............

Maybe the problem with the 811 is doesn't like change, any change, including programming changes....

Just some food for thought. Free programming on a flakely STB may not be so bad.
Most likely if they were going to do a software update, it got to be too late in the week for them to do it. No one wants to push out new software and possibly get stuck having to support it over the weekend.
The only official word was that one update at the end of Feburary and one update in March. Not sure when they said March's was planned. As for what CSRs say, I would take that with a grain of salt since they are far from the actually development release process and are usually the last to know about what is going on.
Why the 921 software went out last Friday.

Whats the difference?

Are they scared of new bugs in the software so that they would have to support it over the weekend?

Whats wrong with that picture? :D
The 921 patch was probably under the category of get it out or else... The 821 is probably not much of a priority since the 811 basically works. Waiting a few days for a patch is no big deal.
boba said:
Thank Heavens for DIRECTV what wonderful working receivers I sell.

This sounds like a comment in the D* forum. Why post it here other than to be argumentative and sarcastic?
And what wonderful DISH HD receiver would they swap out for the 811? I didn't know DISH has wonderful receivers. :D

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