Some small problem here and there with new Hopper 3

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Dec 21, 2015
Vinita, OK
So far the new Hopper 3 is nice and very fast love fact that it has 16 Tuners
Timer still at limit to 200 it need be Unlimited
The Recording Timer for Channel (???) still has no option set as Auto Channel as this a major problem when a show move to diff a channel it will not get record as you don't know about.
Show Logo seem missing all over the place, Not the channel Logo but kind of TV Show cover art
Still now way to mark a show as Watch
I wouldn't be at all surprises it dosen't keep track of show after xyz number day.
The new UI is work well
The new Remote is ok as it going to take a bit of time to lean
It goof up a show last night where I end up with 2 part of The Expanse: Critical Mass; Leviathan War when should been one 2 hour show and on top of all that the 2 show for What on Earth? play as Critical Mass; Leviathan War look like a major bug there you see from video just rename the h3-goofup.mp4.txt to h3-goofup.mp4
Joey 2.0 seem ok but still a bit still a under powered but dose run very cool at lease better then the 1st ver Joey.
One problem I do have with it is I can't seem get it to switch from away from Dolby Digital off for PCM mode even with set to off that dosen't help any as I get no sound.


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