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Jan 15, 2010
Shenzhen, China
As i am using this player, here i share some experiences with you. Something i have to say is EHP-700 is reallly a good player, though it also has its disadvantages. It brings me not only the convenience but also the high definition enjoyment. It can almost all kinds of formats e.g. flac, mkv, WMA, DTS... What's more, it also can play blue-ray movies. In addition, it has slim face and very light to carry.

Photos of Several video files formats of different video and audio source.

Howerver, there is also some points that need to be promoted. Firstly, it's the UI skin. Look as below?


I was told that the skin can be change, but i don't know how. Secondly it's not a NMT player. It can connect to the Lan and share files from PC, but can't search online.


Of course, everthing has two faces. So when you choose this kind of players, pay attention to the key features you want and then you will never regret.


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Apr 16, 2007
Is this your job to advertise this player?
It has nothing special going for it: average price, no developers community around it, mediocre if not awful interface, not available from major retailers.
There are at least half a dozen players that are longer on the market, cost the same and do at least as much.

Haven't you figured this out by the ignorance to your posts on AVS and MPC-Club?


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