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Sep 6, 2003
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Out of nowhere, I saw two jackass spinoffs advertised on MTV the other night. They're set to debut late in October, I believe.

Viva La Bam
Will probably be the best of the two. From what I can tell, it's going to be a reality show about Bam and his friends and family with elements of jackass. I'm imagining it as an all Bam and friends version of jackass, which is good since Bam made some of the funniest stuff.

I can't find much about this show, only that it stars Chris Pontius and Steve-O. It's bound to be gross, but very entertaining. It should do good, if Steve-O can stay out of jail.
I'll never forget when I exposed my grandmother to Jackass.

It was the episode where Santa got an enema. I expected her to hate it but an 80 year old lady started laughing her ass off.

Nothing beats the Jalia(sp?) episode where they take the oranges in the ass at 100mph. I about choked on food when I was watching that episode.
I wish they'd get on HBO or some other paytv network. Then it might be really cool. :twisted:
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