Sony 42 in. wega hdtv set



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Sep 7, 2003
I have had a sony 42 in. hdtv since May 05, Had to have the optical engine
replaced in August, the same problem started yesterday, service man coming tomorrow. I researched this purchase quite a bit since the cost was over
$2000.00. Never saw this problem in all the reviews I read, anyone else had a similar problem with this TV?


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Apr 7, 2004
SatelliteGuystonfieldville, U.S.A.
I've had a 50" Sony LCD RPTV (KSF-50WE655) for over a year and it has worked perfectly. Most people have been very happy with the 2004/2005 Sony's but, like with everything, there are always a few bad apples. Just make sure you have an extended warranty that covers the lemons. Oh, since you have only had this set since May '05, I would call Sony and give an earful about having the light engine replaced twice. I think it would be reasonable to expect them to replace the set.

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