Sony Ireland on PS3: "This is not a done deal" & "We would never say we cannot fail"



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It seems there's still hope for Sony, there are still sane people in its higher management:

Honesty from Sony Ireland chief

In a rare incidence of humility and realism from a Sony executive, Sony Computer Entertainment Ireland MD Niall O'Hanrahan has conceded in an interview that Sony's position as market leader is by no means guaranteed and that they face a challenge ahead with the PS3.

"We have a marketing challenge from now until launch. This is not a done deal. It will require a lot of effort from us," O'Hanrahan told the Irish Times.

He also told the paper that competition is not limited to the Xbox 360 and the Wii, speaking of a new threat from other media players, and even the PC. "Competition is now not limited to direct competition. We compete with MP3 players. We noticed at E3 that games for PCs are back."

"We would never say we cannot fail," he is also quoting as admitting, a far cry from the recent boasts of other Sony chiefs, who have been accused of blind arrogance for their unstinting assurances of the PS3's looming domination. More as we get it.

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