Special deal on the 921?


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From what I am hearing is NO there will be no special on the 921 for quite awhile.

Not enough stock to put them on special I guess.

As always early adopters will pay more. But thats the cost of being high tech I guess. :)
wasn't the word originally about the 811 that it would not have any special deals? I seem to recall that being said around the forums...maybe I'm wrong however...
No Charlie even mentioned on a chat a few months ago there would be a special on the 811's.

We just didnt expect this good of a deal and didnt expect it at product release.

The store (dishstore.net) has lost a lot of money from this promotion.

But at least Dish is making their customers happy. (or trying to anyways)
The retailers are supposed to get a pretty decent markup on the 921's so them being sold at $999 is going to give them a good profit so you may find some cheaper especially if you find a place where they could not get rid of them or sells the systems real cheap to be competitive you could get huge discounts on them.
sparker said:
Think DISH will have a special reduced price on the 921 like they are with the 811? That would be sweet!

It would be sweet, but I've had one on pre-order with DishDepot since February and I'd feel bad cancelling that order to take Dish up on a special.

--- WCS
The component costs are so high on the 921 that I can't see them discounting them anytime soon. Also, given their decision to trickle these things out into the marketplace, demand will outstrip supply for at least the next 6 months.
When the demand is high the prices usually stay high as well. Some retailers could offer this on a Free Dish deal and give an additional discount from the retailer on this to make it a bit more affordable, perhaps the same cost as a Voom satellite system that does not have DVR in some cases.
I think you are not going to get a special deal until the DirectTivoHD comes out then you will see Dish Network drop the price of the 921 by at least $300 but probably more around $400 dollars. Dish had it made for two years with there PVR's being priced right against the DirectTivo and no PVR fee but now you can buy as many dual tuner DirectTivo's you want for $99.00 and only have the one $5.00 a month PVR fee which is hitting Dish Network real hard on subscribers but luckily for Direct TV the Dish Network upper management do not have a clue. Now I am sure when Dish Network contracts out 20,000 921 units to be built they are not paying more than $450 each for the hardware but the software is what is going to cost them and cost them and cost them until they get it right or as close to right as they can get it. Now as far as Sears selling the 921 I do not think they would even sell it unless they can make a 25% profit or they would not mess with it but with local dealers Dish can keep their profit margins around 10% and if the dealers are lucky maybe they can make some money on the installation. So if you want a discount wait about 6 months but for me I am going to get it now or someday when their done programming it.
In my Jan 04 issue of Home Theater magazine, E* has a 2 page ad showing this offer:
40" HDTV rear proj monitor
Dish 811 HD Satellite Receiver
SuperDish HDTV antenna
professional install
Call 1-800-wowhdtv
Bob, I think the list price for the 921 + the HD TV is $1999 but if you are a new subscriber they will discount it by $500 so it would end up costing you $1499. I think if you are thinking about a 921 chances are you would probably want a bigger HD TV than what Dish is going to offer.
MikeHDTulsa said:
[...] I think if you are thinking about a 921 chances are you would probably want a bigger HD TV than what Dish is going to offer.

Yes, but at essentially $500 for the TV, one can start to think about using this as a 2nd set!
Thats a good point, and for those that do not have an HD tv it makes even more sense to do so. I may even consider this option myself except the tv is not as big as I want and they are choosing RCA and I am not fond of their products.
Definitely not "top of the line!" ;) I wouldn't even be considering one for more than $500.

Since this looks like the only deal we'll see involving the 921 for a while I choose to look at it as a 921 at full price & a TV at a price which reflects what it is worth. Having said that, it is also a price I don't think we'll otherwise see for an entry-level HDTV this year.

The 921 can feed the plasma while a $149 6000 (or 811) feeds the RCA!
Hmmm, I forgot I can get the HDTV package at wholesale being a retailer so it would be like paying less than $500 for the tv going that route. It would be like paying $300 probably. That would be pretty hard to beat at this time even though its an RCA. Would be excellent for the showroom.

With the extended warranty at $2 a month is this going to cover the tv as well since it has a Dish Network logo on it as it indicated in the warranty that any hardware with a Dish Network logo would be covered?
Stargazer said:
Thats a good point [...] I may even consider this option myself...
After more persuasion said:
Hmmm, I forgot I can get the HDTV package at wholesale...
Hey Stargazer,
Maybe I should be ordering this through you? (Ought to be worth something to have contributed this idea! ;) )

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