Special Messages from the BingoTV girls

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Sep 7, 2003
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Thought you guys would like this...

The Bingo Girls (I say Girls because they are young not old... They threatened to kick my ass for calling them old...) have given me this picture to post for all SatelliteGuys Members (and RollTide too)

So attached below is a special message from the ladies.

I was kind of amazed what they knew about SatelliteGuys. They are watching so Be nice. :D


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bingo gals

Guy's I don't know if you noticed but the bingo gals never showed up until I joined the forum :cool: coinciedence I think not! :D
bcshields said:
Hey.. did I read that right.. "get a life"? Pretty "ballsy" from a bingo-caller.
Actually Laurie isn't the caller. Ashley is the one who gets to play with the balls. Laurie is the intellegent one who plays with the products.

Evidently "ball boy" is out of the picture? Or are Laurie and Ashley holding what's left of him after the rave reviews we gave his first (and last) couple of weeks? :D


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