Specific TV causing problem - new Dish software


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Problem: Turning off TV reboots 612.

I am hoping this may help someone else if they have been having reboot problems since the new software. This is for a VIP612, but it could also be a problem on the 722K?

First, this is repeatable every time, and can be avoided every time. I went to my friend's house and figured out what was going on for him.

When my friend turns off his Polaroid TV, it makes the receiver reboot every time about two or three minutes later. Does not matter if the receiver is on or off when the TV gets turned off, or what channel the receiver is on, and any recording is stopped for the reboot. Any of my three 612 receivers I bring over are affected, none including his are affected on either of my two LG TV's. It is definitely TV dependent as it seems many HDMI problems are.
Does not matter even if I turn off his Dish receiver, then an hour later turn off the TV, the receiver will reboot. Did this over three days of testing. (Takes time to unhook and rehook each of my receivers and his)

To avoid it, I have to change his TV input from HDMI to anything else, usually I go to Antenna. Then turning off the TV does not affect the receiver. There is something in the HDMI connection that does not send a good signal to disconnect correctly apparently when the TV turns off if HDMI is in use, but does give a correct signal when switching inputs from HDMI. No question this is since the software change he has changed nothing in over a year and half, only the software update about three days ago.
Not a problem for him, as the workaround is fine.
This is a long shot..Check the system info screen and see if HDCP is supported.. I had a similar issue with an old HDTV when I tried to watch a PPV movie.. It only happened on channels That were "protected"..other (HD) channels it worked fine..
Just a thought because there doesn't seem to be a lot of info about Polaroid TV's out there. There are numerous HDMI components that have a function to sync with other components (usually of the same manufacturer) and they use the HDMI connection to transmit this syncing info (ie you turn one device off and they all shut off). However this can cause problems if you are using non-compatible equipment. Check to see if this is a capability of your friend's Polariod set. If it is, there should be an option to turn this component syncing off. If that is the issue, this may solve your problem.
Thanks for that, in this case not the problem. It isn't an issue of HDCP - he can get HBO, and it happens when the receiver is left on any channel. It seems it's like that TV and the receiver are not playing well together. :)
I agree that the receiver and TV are not playing well together. I'm sorry if you answered this already, but did you try connecting the receiver with component cables?

Do you know if the TV has any kind of "HDMI control" that can be disabled? I think Samsung calls their feature Anynet, and on my Sony it was just called HDMI control

Also, can you send me the model number of the TV in a PM so I can put a report in (your friends receiver number as well please)?
We did not try component, no doubt the problem would go away though. Will get over there and try just to be sure. I will also look for any HDMI controls, but doubtful, it's a simple TV with little controls.

All my receivers connected to phone line. Does this help ?

Dish DVRs, recording on different TVs ...

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