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  1. Didn't know if there is a thread already Spectrum tv stream for their internet subscribers. Base $20 includes

    Available Channels in Addition to SPP Basic A&E FX Lifetime Movie AMC FXX National Geographic Animal Planet FX Movie Channel Oxygen Bravo Hallmark Spectrum News (where carried) CNN Hallmark Movies TBS Discovery HGTV TLC E! History TNT Food Network Lifetime USA Freeform
    All locals including sub channels $7.50 broadcast fee.

    $12 sports news add-on
    $15 HBO Showtime Starz Encore The Movie channel for 3 years or$7.50 a la carte.

    Promo one month free + free roku express. Limited device support. Roku Samsung smart tv X box one home only. Mobile Android and IOS

    Will update using first generation roku stick quality good, but takes 30sec to minute to get to HD.
  3. That they ding you for locals is pretty mean.
    Hope you're not a fan of channel surfing; 30+ seconds will likely make your blood boil. It might even invalidate the sports offering if you game-hop.
  4. No dvr either, and they aren't likely to ever provide one. So the base fee with the locals is really closer to $28. This isn't a good deal at all. Philo is a much better setup which includes dvr, and only $16. It doesn't have locals, but many people have an antenna. Philo - Your favorite shows have a new home
  5. I'm dubious that multiple DVRs depending on what you want to watch is a valid solution. Some do it regularly but others couldn't be bothered. I liken it to dropping one service to add four. Convenience is worth something to many.

    On the other side of the coin, perhaps 80+% of pay TV is garbage.
  6. Philo is missing all Time Warner ie tnt tbs CNN and all Fox.Nat geo. Gladly take those over Viacom. It depends what you want. No Dvr but most shows are available on demand the next day through the networks apps which you have access to .
  7. Apparently, this service is only available to Spectrum internet customers.
  8. This was mentioned in the first sentence of the OP.
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