Speculation on networking the HR20

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Feb 9, 2006
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I sure hope DTV has solid plans to network the HR20's for home users. I would love to have the ability to pull content from one of my 3 HR20 units over to one of my H20 receivers. I'd also hope you could browse your local LAN and pluck programs from any given HR20 in your house. I could have one just for the kids...one for Lifetime (my wife) and one for sports and Bikini Destinations. :rolleyes:
A user over at DBSTalk plugged his into a network port and although it wouldn't pull an IP, sent enough info to determine that the HR20 was sending packets that contained Ucentric code.

So for those that don't know, Ucentric was the company that V* originally commissioned to make their DVR which IIRC was supposed to be a multi-room unit. Then D*'s first showing of their HMC was based on a Ucentric design.

So it is very possible given Ucentric's software that the HR20 may be networkable in some form. Of course, that will be way in the future.
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