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Sep 4, 2004

I live in a condo complex and we have a "master dish" on the roof. The feed goes to a box in the basement of our complex where it is split by the local installer to each of our units.

When he installed my unit, he plugged one wire from the master feed in the basement (I'm assuming it connects to a switch) to a 510 in the living room.

He then took a second line and sent that from the basement up to a bedroom for a 301 that's in there.

So... I decided to remodel, and I've now put the 301 into a different bedroom. To make things easy, I wired a bit of coax from the living room into that room.

Now, if I plug in just the 510 into the line going to the basement (where the installer's switch is), I get a great signal. If I plug just the 301 in, I also get a great signal.

Now here's the wierd part.

I split the signal using a radio shack 2.4ghz splitter. The 301 likes the signal... it sees everything.

The 510 doesn't. During a switch test, it gives "warning -- only one satellite" and only displays a few of the channels that I subscribe to.

If I unplug the 301, the 510 acts like normal and sees everything and I get all my channels again.

I thought maybe I had some bad coax, but the same thing happens if I change coax line to the 510.


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You ain't gonna like this answer, but:

You can NOT split a E* multi-bird (standard) satellite feed. Period.

Run the original 301's coax to it's new location.
Thanks for the answer. So, just for educational reasons... why can't you? I would have thought it would be just like a cable tv connection.
Satellite feeds don't act like cable TV. You cannot just split the signal (for the reasons, see Why Splitters don't work). Either run a cable to the 301 from the outlet where it originally sat, or get the installer back in to add a new outlet where you now want the 301.

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