Strange Joey problem


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Jun 9, 2023
When I play a recorded movie from the Joey I get the background sound and music but virtually no dialog (human speech) This does not occur with live TV and it does not occur when I play the movies from the Hopper. Is my Joey toast?
I finally figured out the issue. After 3 calls to Dish and two replacement Joeys sent I decided to go through configuration with a fine tooth comb thinking the problem had to be there somewhere. When I shut off Dolby, the dialog returned to my recorded movies. I'm no expert but I'm guessing the Hopper can detect Dolby encoding and react accordingly while the Joey cannot. It simply decoded what was not encoded and that caused me to lose the dialog. Or perhaps the Dolby decoding in the Joey is simply buggy. If anyone communicates with Dish, let them know about the bug. It is a shame they just send out new Joeys without solving the problem. Thanks for reading.
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