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Jun 16, 2004
I had a strange on with my new Tailgater. Prior to this problem I had a green lock on all three satellites. Got back to the RV late last night. Turned on the system and had complete signal loss. It worked perfectly several hours earlier. Rescanned and had fewer satellites message probably did not have 129. I repositioned the tailgater in the dark of the night. Powered down the receiver and when the receiver came up it was at the wrong screen, rather the initial scan screen where you select the state it was at the acquiring signal screen. Would stay there for a couple of minutes then default to the complete signal loss screen. I was in a loop and could never hit the initial scan screen. Called Dish Support and she had me force a check switch off the signal strength screen. The check switch started and went to 2 of 38 and ultimately 38 of 38 and of course this is no good. This was really strange because I had some signal a few minures earlier. The tech told me that she was convinced that the receiver cannot sense the tailgater especially because we could not get to the initial scan screen. She gave me the number to King Controls for further help in the morning. I was pretty disappointed to say the least. Well for the heck of it I changed the cable between the external RV port and the Tailgater. Powered up the receiver and there was the initial scan screen! Went on to the check switch 1 of 1 to 3 of 3, then to acquiring signal, finally the program guide download. Checked system info showed all green and that I had all three satellites once again.

How did I have a cable break with less than one month of use? I wind the RG6 cable on a cable wheel that doesn't cause any severe bends to the line. Does anyone make a special RG6 cable for the type of use you have with a tailgater? Just thought I would share this with fellow Tailgater owners.
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Jul 20, 2005
Northern VA
I am amazed at how often cables fail. I just lost an HDMI cable that wasn't very old and looked perfect.

It's always something to check.
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