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Apr 29, 2004
If anybody has experience any of these strange problems please chime in. I just recently had an installer come in and change out a round dish to a HD oval dish. I also added a HD receiver.

1) The HD receiver would have a blackout glitch every 10 to 15 minutes for 1 second and the picture would come back. Nothing major, but enough to get annoying.

2) My other two receivers are fine, except for one which loses signal strength at night and continues to search for a satellite. In the morning this receiver is fine and gets a clear picture.

Number 2 is what I am stump on. I have installers coming out on Saturday, but I like to hear what everybody has to say about this

Thanks in advance
I had this kind of problem and I figured it out on mine own and it might not be the same thing as yous but as we know the trees have been filling in with leaves now that its summer and I would get a great picture and singal and then it was gone for a few sec.. I figure it was the trees getting fuller and then the wind would blow or just a slight breeze it would mess up the singal so I just moved it to a higher part of the house to avoid this and it cleard it up . good luck
The only problem with your theory is that I have no problems with 3 other receivers off the same dish.
have you tried unplungging for 5 minutes or so? Maybe the reciver needs to be reset or maybe the card is bad , sorry for the 1st reply I though it was happing to them all.
No problem, yes I have tried resetting many times. Luckily I have somebody from DirectV coming over on Saturday to take a look at the dish and all the connections.....i've also been getting 745 on my hd receiver tonight...once I reset it goes away... DirectV said if it happens again that they will send a new card to me. Personally I think the root of my problems is the connections on the dish itself....reason being that until I install the new HD dish, all the rooms were working without problems and signal degration. I just hope these guys coming over are good.

Oh well...that's life.
Please reply by conversation.

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