Strange PVR510 problems - Cannot get a signal without doing


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Nov 5, 2003
I have a brand new PVR510 and it is suffering from the strangest problem. If I turn the unit off and leave it off for more than say an hour, when turning it back on, it comes up with a message saying aquiring Satallites. Unfortunately, it never aquires them. If I go into the Menu to check signal strength it shows 50%.

If I do a Check Switch, it will go through the 38 steps and then come back fine (120 signal stength). But again, once the power is turned off for more than an hour, it loses the satellites and I have to do the Check Switch all over again.

This makes it impossible to do timed recordings.

Yeah, some would say just leave the thing on 24/7, but that isn't the answer since something is clearly wrong. My other receivers (5000 & 6000) are fine. I have Legacy LNB's, could that be an issue? I tried switching out the coax cable. No change. The 2800 I used to have in the bedroom never had this problem.

E* couldn't figure out what to do so they want to send me a new one to swap out.


EDIT: Just realised I should have posted this in the E* DVR forum. My bad. Scott, please move it if you can. Thanks.
Well, I talked with someone whop absolutely is an expert on this receiver and he had the same thing happen to his 508. So a new one is the answer.

And by the way, it loses the Sat signal and cannot get it back after doing the auto sleep mode too.
I've had my 510 for a week without these problems. I'll keep an eye out. So far its a very good receiver and I'm begining to get my PRV groove on.
510 problems

We are having different little problems with 510s and it's all the ones i get on UPS so i'm thinking the drop kicking at the UPS Terminals is messing them up lol

UPDATE: Well, I thought the replacement DVR510 was a OK. I did everything I could to determine if it would lose the signal upon waking up after sleeping a while and it was fine.

Until this morning. Same as before. It cannot see certain transponders. All on 110. Maybe something is wrong with the LNB? But my other receivers are not having any problems.
I had something similar happen the other night.

As I was falling asleep I heard a click from the 510. I looked over and the green power light was off. At the time I thought it was part of the nightly reboot thingy so I didn't do anything.

Next morning the power light was still off so I turned it on and got the 'acquiring satellite' message. The display showed it was cycling through the satelites and transponders. One thing I noticed, the bottom of the display has a counter to show x of 4 tests. It was stuck on 0.

I forced a re-boot with the power key and it came up and cycled through the satellites and transponders, this time update the x of 4 display and finally came up just fine.

I'm guessing it's a software issue.
My LNB's were all replaced today and I have a new 64 switch and now all is working properly. WHo knew!> :)

superdish and 6000

Two DP34s + Superdish + Dish 300 = ????

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