Two DP34s + Superdish + Dish 300 = ????


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Sep 10, 2003
Atlanta GA
Is it possible to use two DP34s to combine the output from Superdish and a Dish300? Superdish into DP34 #1 and output into input #2 on DP34 #2. Dish 300 connected to input #1 on DP34 #2.

Would this setup allow the reception of superdish on two receivers on DP34 #1 and four receivers (three if a 921 is connected) on DP34 #2 plus the Dish300?
Thanks for the reply. The Dish300 does have a DishPro LNB.
I am trying to determine what my options are with Superdish and a wing satellite before the DP44 switch is introduced. The DP34 that I currently have plus the one that ships with Superdish should serve my needs perfectly.

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