Strange twist to PPV


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Sep 8, 2003
Yesterday I wanted to buy a movie off of the PPV. Now, this is the first movieI have bought in probably 2 years or more. When I went to actually purchase it I got a message that it wouldn't go through and to call Dish customer service. I called and the first thing out of the CSR was, "your telephone line is not working". I checked it through the diagnostics and it was OK and also I hooked up a telephone to check it, the line is dedicated to the reciever, no problem. I then called back again and went through the same scenario with another CSR. This time is asked want was on my PPV purchase window. I told him it showed that I had bought the last half of the NBA package nad that I had recently purchased the MLB package. He then asked me what the amount was shown. I told him it showed $99 for the NBA and $149 for the MLB. He then told me, "there's your problem, you have more than $100 owed". I told him that I had just $33 left on the NBA and I already had paid $49 on the MLB, thus leaving me a balance of $133. The payments were supposed to paid over a few monthly billings like it states in the ads. I in fact had just made the last bill payment wiping out in balance in the NBA and really owed just $100. This is where it gets strange. I was told not only by a CS rep but also by a Supervisor that the total remains on your bill until the last payment is recieved. In other words even if I continue to make the the monthly payments on the MLB package the total remains $149 for the next few months. Therefore I can not buy PPV until all of this is at a zero balance. I find this strange but never have really thought about it because I hardly ever purchase a movie, thus my purchases never get anywhere near $100. Anyone out there have this experience? This, in my 7 years with Dish, is the very first problem I have ever had with them. Mike
Ah,the logic of Dish Network strikes again.
I have the same situation. I orderd MLB and I cannot order a PPV. I finally got a CSR supervisior who allowed me to order by phone with no penalty.

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