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May 26, 2004
This seemed odd to me but may be normal. I have 2 dishes, one is a slimeline 5 and the other is the older AT9
I us both but noticed today the program on PALLADIA HD (channel 567) was slightly ahead of the other. The slimeline had Funhouse Tour: Live in Australia: P!nk while the AT9 was still in a commercial. I'd say they were at least a minute difference in the same program on different dishes.
happens all the time. just turn 2 different receivers to the same channel. there is always alag between the two., didn't know that. Just seems strange seeing how the sourse is coming from the same place.
What receivers do you have and to which dish are they each connected to?

When both of my HR24's are on the same channel, there is no lag between the two. When a HR24 and D11 are on the same channel, the D11 will lag behind the HR24 by a second or two. All three receivers are connected to the same 6x8 switch and slimline 5 dish.
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