stupid loss-of-signal behavior on 622 (1 Viewer)

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Jim S.

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Jan 2, 2006
I don't know exactly when it started, but my 622 has been doing stupid things lately when it loses the signal.

The first time I noticed it was last summer when we had a severe storm. The signal would go out occasionally and I would get the lost-signal message on screen as normal, except that at one point after it went out a few times in rapid succession, the receiver rebooted.

The next time was a few weeks ago when my dish iced up. I turned on the receiver and instead of the lost-signal message, I had a black screen with the normal channel banner and whatnot. Since there was no lost-signal message, I thought maybe it was a problem at Dish, so I went to the dish aiming screen to check the signal strength. There was 0 signal on all satellites and transponders. But when I exited the menus and changed channels a few times, again the receiver rebooted.

Now tonight, there was sticky snow on the dish, and again I turned it on to find a black screen instead of a no-signal message. And again after going to the menus and back, the receiver rebooted!

It never used to do this. So what changed?
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