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Jun 14, 2014
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So, could someone please explain exactly what a "whodunit" is?
I do appreciate when someone counters and takes the time with facts or information. I would say you are technically correct but in the broader sense of generalizing a show in using a short term, whodunnit is ok.
Well, now we have to get into spelling, as the meaning of the term may change, depending on how many n's are in it. Even DishSubLA (the whodunit expert) is inconsistent on this point:

OK, y'all know tha Columbo was NEVER a "whodunnit," right? That kind of stuff does burn me a bit :).
A "whodunit" is NOT from the character's perspective, but from the perspective of the audience.
So, can we agree that whodunit (with one n) is the proper term for a specific type of mystery as defined by DishSubLA above, while whodunnit (with two n's) is a derogatory broader term for any type of mystery (or procedural) show where somebody has to solve a crime, whether the audience is in on who committed the crime or not?
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On a side note, I wouldn't mind if there somehow could be social based guide information so it could be corrected. But Imdb started out like that then look what happened. The founders sold it and now Amazon owns it. They have even integrated it into their app as Xray.

And as a bonus, here is the actual Coyote, the true form of... The Invaders!

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I was just too lazy to do that, thanks! LOL
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Okay, DishSubLA, we all get the point. I am starting to think you have OCD. :biggrin
Please, that reply coming from the ultimate OCD member who appears to have such a vacant trust baby schedule as allowoing him time ad infinitim to post multiple replies in every single thread, it seems, on this forum? I really do hope you work for Dish and this is your job because if it isn't, there needs to be an intervention to, at the very least allow you a bathroom break and change of underwear before you become President Trump's mythical “. . . someone sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds [at a computer]” pounding away on a computer keyboard. [Your green grinning emoji here]:biggrin2.

Forgive me for provideing a reputable source (OED) for a definition of a word/phrase. That is the intelligent thing to do, not tell others on this thread that they have some sort of medical condition, learning disability, or developmental disability just because they honestly didn't know the definition of "whodunnit." After all, all of those posts in disagreement were reasonalbe, made some good points, and one even included a source definition of their own as evidence and was a contribution to the discussion. You need not imitate, by your own diagnosis, OCD behavior by responding to every post, especially when the post has no contribution to the thread, but you just can't stop, can you? Hmm, I wonder if there is a definition of such a compulsion, and if it is some sort of condition from which people suffer? I leave that to the medical experts. Now, as parents used to say, "turn off the computer and play with your other toys" before it is too late. :biggrin2
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