Suggestion for complete FTA package - Can I do better than this set?

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Oct 14, 2008
I am resurrecting a thread from October 2008 here, since I now have the funds to purchase. Any help and advice will be much appreciated.

I am looking for a complete FTA package. We have only one TV and would like to watch programming on 97.0 W, 107.3 W and 121.0 W among others. I would like a motorized system, and a reliable, high performing receiver with fast blind search that doesn't get stuck on HD channels, and has PVR via external USB hard drive. We live in the US Pacific Northwest.

Can you please comment on the set below and let me know if I can do any better in any area?

1. Visionsat IV200 Receiver (is there a newer better one out?)

2. Satellite AV's GEOSATpro 90cm dish.

3. Invacom QPH-031 combined circular and linear LNBF.

4. Satellite AV's co-branded Ecoda/GEOSATpro 2x1 or 4x4, 22KHz switch

5. A STAB HH90 or SG2100 (one button design) motor.

Some questions:

- Do I need more than one LNBF?

- Do I need a switch in my case where I have only one receiver and one TV?

- Did I miss anything?

Thanks very much for your time and help

Best regards,

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looks good

I have a Visonsat IV-200 with a 500gb Maxtor drive.
The Seagate was available at the time I bought (this time last year).
So, I got both, and took back the Seagate mostly for cosmetic reasons.
It's ugly. It's wide. It only stands up. The Maxtor was fine. Buy whatever you like. :)

The Invacom QPH-031 LNB is both Standard linear, and Circular, so that covers all the bases.
More LNBs are useful if you want to set up more fixed dishes.
You might do that to get back to some regular satellite you watch most of the time.
To operate the LNB, you'll need the switch, and a 4x1 diseqc is a good choice.
See the Switches Simplified thread in our FAQ section for how to hook it up to your motor.

I prefer the STAB HH90 motor, or either the 280 or 380 motors from Sadoun.
There has just been too much confusion (and problems) with the variously branded 2100's in the last year or two to steer you to one of those.

Don't forget the RG-6 coax, with waterproof connectors.
You'll need a grounding block (feedthrough)
Perhaps a ground rod?

Thanks very much for your informative reply.

Do you know where can I buy a Visionsat IV-200 these days? (a reputable place - ebay is fine as long as the seller has great feedback and the item is new with warranty). Or should I look into the Visionsat IV-300, or another receiver with PVR and fast blind search (which model)? I can't even find the IV-300.

Also do you have a preference for a 90cm dish (I assume this size dish is good enough for the US Pacific Northwest)?

Comments from others will be appreciated too.


I got my first two IV-200's from SatelliteAV.
The third one I got from eBay.
I can't point you to a reputable dealer who carries it at this time.

I am not sure, but I think the IV-300 only existed in very small dealer or evaluation quantities.
They incorporated all the neat features into the 200, and the 300 never really made it to market.
Only difference once the dust settled, was the 300 had some on-board flash for storing your show or for time shifting.
Well, once you plug a hard drive (or maybe even an 8gb thumb drive) into a 200, you have all the same features of the 300.

Hopefully others will chime in on more choices in PVR receivers.
Same for 90cm in the great north west.
Possibly RV1pop or WescoPC will have comments - they are the first two who come to mind as living out that way.

In spite of some criticism of the Fortec Star dish, mine is okay.
I do slightly prefer the GeoSatPro with its extra LNB support arms.
Though, due to some experimentation, I feel comfortable adding my own, now.

Now, if you were to got with the 1.2meter size, then I strongly recommend the GeoSatPro over the Fortec Star for two reasons:
- fine screw elevation adjust on GeoSatPro
- no elevation pivot point/bolt on the Fortec - there's just a dimple
- check the pictures; I can't recall the status of LNB side support arms... and too tired to look :cool:

Hope that's helpful and comforting.
But, I'm anxious to hear the comments of others, too! - :up
glorystar rec

Have you checked out that new Glorystar PVR, I think its the 1100, there's a review in the review section. It can be used for the 2 sats that Glorystar programming is on, or as a regular fta with pvr. Sounds very interesting....
2 things that bother me here, alins.

AFAIK there is nothing in-the-clear on 121°W Ku or 107.3°W Ku
On C-band there is some stuff.

As a Pacific Northwesterner myself, I have gotten away with less than a 90cm.
However, with rain-fade being what it is and as often as it happens here, don't waste money on less than a 90cm/36in. :cool:

Better yet get yourself a 8-footer with a BSC-621 and enjoy never bothering with rain-fade :D

On the Geosatpro DVR-1100c: I would highly recommend this or it's DVR-less twin the DSR-100c for your main tv. They keep the signal presentable 'til you really have lost signal. :eek: Great for fine-tuning. :up Can't recommend it for initial aiming. :(

2nd on PM'ing Wescopc in Oregon or rv1pop in Washington as they can help.
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Meinename and others,

Thanks very much for your comments. Greatly appreciated.

Two questions:

1. What is the advantage of BSC-621 over Invacom QPH-031?

2. For receiver, since the Visionsat IV200 is hard to find, I am looking into the Geosatpro DVR-1100c (although I have no interest in Glorystar programming), or the Coolsat 7100. Any comments as to why one is better than the other?

Thank you again

Only the importer is selling the few remaining Visionsat IV-200 units. The IV-300 was never produced.

Thank you Brian.

I see that SatelliteAV is selling the Geosatpro Bullet LNBF. Is this better than the Invacom QPH-031, and if so why?

Also can you please compare/contrast the Geosatpro DVR-1100c with something like the Visionsat IV200 or Coolsat 7100? Do I buy the DVR-1100c directly from you at the retail price?

Thanks again

Try looking here first:
FTA/MPEG2 Equipment Reviews - SatelliteGuys.US

Relevent threads:
Nothing for a Coolsat 7100 -or- I'm blind

Comparing the BSC-621 to the QPH-031 is comparing apples to oranges since they're intended for different types of dishes

The BSC621 is intended for Prime-focus Big Useful Dishes (6-foot and up)
A QPH-031 is intended for an offset dish and Ku-band only (usually under 4 foot)
(Disclaimer: Not that we don't try to use the things in only that way)

The Geosatpro Bullet is ku-band linear only
The QPH-031 is a linear/circular combo lnb but it's Ku-only
The BSC621 is a C-band lnb and Ku-band lnb's in one housing.

I know you can order the DVR-1100c from Satellite AV's website but if your here in Portland you might be able to get it faster from WescoPC
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