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Sunday April 2nd, Primetime Plus
(All times Eastern)
Fox HD East: NASCAR Racing: Nextel Cup Virginia 500: Martinsville. (Sports)

CBS HD East: Cold Case: Willkommen: Lilly and Jeffries investigate a cabaret singer’s shooting. (Crime)

NBC HD East: The West Wing: Election Day: Josh stresses over returns; C.J. faces future job offers. (Drama)

Fox HD East: The Loop: Jack Air: Sam relishes the challenge when his boss offers him a prestigious assignment.

CBS HD East: Cold Case: Kensington: Rush and the team reopen the case of an optimistic young mill worker who was murdered in a town filled with despair. (Crime) (Repeat)

ABC HD East: Desperate Housewives: Carlos and Gaby learn the truth about their baby; Paul must face the music; Lynette must give a court deposition about Bree;s drinking. (Drama)

NBC HD East: Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Slither: Goren and Eames investigate a gang of high-class lowlifes led by a European who befriends, robs and kills tourists. (Crime)

Fox HD East: Free Ride: Amber Alert: Nate hopes to use his friendship with Danny to get closer to Amber but ends up competing with him for her affection. TV-PG *

CBS HD East: CSI NY: When Mac gets caught In the middle of a shooting at a local coffee shop, he is forced to choose between chasing down the gunman and saving a life. (Crime) (Repeat)

ABC HD East: Grey's Anatomy: The Name of the Game: Meredith learns a secret about her father. (Drama) (Repeat)

NBC HD East: Crossing Jordan: Road Kill: When a female slayer copies the crimes of the Mass Pike serial killer, Jordan and Woody must seek the original criminal’s help. (Crime)


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