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Mar 11, 2004
I Had A Super Dish Type 2 Doesn't Support My 301 Receiver Why ? Any Body Can Help Me On This
TIG84 said:
I Had A Super Dish Type 2 Doesn't Support My 301 Receiver Why ? Any Body Can Help Me On This
There is no reason why a type 2 dish will not work with a 301 rcvr.type 1 is a metal superdish and type 2 is a fiberglass dish.All dp equipment will work with superdish.
Currently have the 121 superdish 2 installed with a 301 receiver .currently the dp34 is setup like this
input 1 is DUAL LNB the 119 sat
input 2 is no connection the 121 sat
input 3 is no connetion the 110 sat
why is that ? any body can help ?
What line goes to what port doesn't mean Jack. The switch test sorts all that out. For fun, run a switch test, and then rearrange the liones and run it again.

Now, a far as TIG84's 301: Was this new equipment installed at the same time as the SD? Or had it been in your possession and use for a while? Have you run a switch test on that 301 since you got the SD? What kind of signal quality is teh receiver showing you? Less than 80% on 119/110, and less than 60 on 121 is unacceptable.

Is your 301 the only receiver in the house? IS it sending proper voltage back to to the switch and the LNB? For that matter, and not to insult your intelligence, but are there any splitters in the line between the receiver and the LNB?
super dish tpye 2 there is 2 lnb's different than superdish type 1 lnb's.(121& 110) that's 2 doesn't support the 301 receiver the other 1 lnb work just fine i did the switch test
regular type lnb (119) work just fine) after switch coment on screen saying no connection on 121 & 110 any body can help me ?
Should work fine. I have a type 2 superdish that I am using with a 301 and an 811. Set up for 110,119 and 121. All come in fine on both receivers. Check out your DP34 switch and be sure you have signals from all three birds.

NO signal on 121 and 110? You've eitehr got a short tree on one side blocking, and a tall tree on the other, or your SKEW is not set correctly.

MENU-6-1-1 to the signal meter, and get the angles for your zip code. Tehn Check your settings. SKEW is the backplate, Eleveation is the gradient marks on the side(up/down), Azimuth is the whole dish(left/right). I'm guessing that either 1) your skew is not set right, or 2) your elevation is not set right.

If you have a portable signal meter, hook it up to the right port on the FEED LNB(the one covered by the plastic housing). That's the 119, which is the satellite in the middle of the lineup. If all your dish settings are correct, you shoud be able to peak in the 119, adn get the otehr two birds at the same time.

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