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:?: I am definitely getting the HD package and want to upgrade to Superdish. The question is, The free upgrade for-a-year-commitment for Superdish does not start until mid October. If I sign up for the HD package on September 16, would I still be eligible to get the free Superdish with a year commitment? or would I have to wait for October if I want the free upgrade?

Thanks in advance!

I would say yes. If you look at the current offers they require the top 100. Most of the customers have the top 100 so by signing for a with at least the top 100 they get what ever.

So I would belive that by signing a 1 year with the HD package you would still qualify for the Super dish upgrade.

Your year agreement would restart again when you got your SuperDish installed.

And lets say 4 months from now they offer a $199 811 Special and you decided to take them up on it, that requires a year agreement, your 1 year would reset on reciept of the 811. :)

About time they do promos for current customers. I hope this shows them that by doing promos like this it keeps a good customer happy.

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