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May 20, 2006
I just got a 2 hour reply from dish network that I think is very good. I would like to transfer the email from dish as I have it.
Is there an email address I can send it to so it can get put here where all Hd people can read.
Email me at, ( addresses removed] )and I will send the email to that address.

I DO think dish needs to get this email public.

It is positive in my opinion and a correct step in the right direction. Please go to the long email and not the first short one don posted. The long one is the best info I have heard from dish and that is the one I am talking. It was my fault as I should not have even sent the short one. It was another answer from dish to my question.
Dave Roxin
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Dave I removed your email address as many forum bots scan the forums looking for email addresses and I dont want to see you getting spamed. :)

You can post the email here just dont include any personal information (ie your email address, telephone number, account number, email address of the person at dish and any private contact information that may have provided) :)
Well, you've certainly got a couple people(like me!) curious. I was going to suggest checking with Scott before you post it but I see he already chimed in and gave the ok!

Scott: does the site have an email address I can send it to so it can get posted:
I just forwarded it to dfergie and he is going to post it. Just please remember that I think it is the most positive thing I have heard from dish but if you do not then that is your feelings and not mine. Dave.

As long as you have your 622 set to the TV type 1080 and the aspect
ratio correct (16x9 if your TV is wide screen, 4x3 if not) you will
receive the best picture quality available.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Thank you,
Executive Communications
Phone (720) ***-****
Man that is good news! But better then that, I am happy to report that I have just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to GEICO! :D

What they have told you is true! If your TV does not support 1080i you can use 720P with almost equal quality (in fact sports look better in 720p then 1080i) :)
Scott Greczkowski said:
Man that is good news! But better then that, I am happy to report that I have just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to GEICO!

There are two emails and this one is not the important one. If you lost it I will send it again. Please check your email for the much longer discussion of dish.
please check your email and add the long article from dish. I sent it again as this one is no big deal
Dear Mr. Roxin,

Thank you for expressing your concerns in our product. We are sorry you
are disappointed by our product and hope that we can satisfy your
consumer needs going forward. The picture we provide, by definition,
is High Definition Television - 1920X1080 and 1280X720P. There are
several reasons there may see changes in our HD channels. One reason is
the incoming broadcast from the provider. Some of the programming you
receive is sent to us, from the provider, exactly the way you are seeing
it. We are also subject to space limitations on our satellites. Dish
Network is constantly working on improving our picture quality. We will
continue to attempt to find new ways to improve and value your feedback.

The HD world is relatively new, and at DISH we are constantly trying to
find the right mix to get more HD and with the best possible resolution.
We work for improvement in this area every day. We are constantly
analyzing our channel layout and try to find better "match ups" for the
bandwidth sharing. As we add channels and improve technology, you may,
from time to time, see fluctuations in the picture quality. We
apologize for this; however, we are doing this in an attempt to continue
to offer more choices to our customers without serious quality
degradation. We have also made strides in improving the quality of many
channels on the service in the past few months and strive for additional
improvements in the future. The best advice we can give to our
customers is to be patient. We have maintenance on these HD channels
that are scheduled clear into the year 2007.

Thank you,
Executive Communications
Phone (720) ***-****
Hopefully the guys that critized the first post find this 2nd one that fergie just put up better. Then maybe I will get my creditabilty back. Dave.

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