Superdish (121) with 148 (for locals & CBS HD) possible?


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Feb 16, 2004
I'm thinking about getting the Superdish for the Chinese programmings. However, does that mean I would lose my Los Angeles locals and CBS HD on the 148 satellite?
Your 148 locals are coming in on a second dish. Adding the SuperDish will not affect the 148 dish ITSELF, but your connections become problematic.

Compromises will probably have to be made. It depends on many factors.

Tell us your receiver model numbers (and how many!), whether they have DishPro Adapters attached, closely examine your dishes LNBFs (this can help) for DishPro vs. Legacy, and Twin vs. Quad vs. pair of Duals, and finally, tell us the models and number of switches in the feed lines (if any).

With that information, we can give you an educated recommendation as to how to do what you want - or at least come close.
The new Chinese channels are on 121.. not 148/61.5

I do have a DISHPro Quad LNB.. two of which are fed to Switch 34.. the other two are unused.

I'm thinking of building a Ku dish and then merge the output of that to two unused LNB outputs on the Quad LNB and make my own SuperDISH. Then the resulting outputs would not get the 148 satellite location but would get at least 121/119/110 combination, which is fine with me.

What's the best way to make the poorman's Superdish?

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