SuperDish install: Do we keep old stuff?


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Oct 1, 2003
With the SuperDish install will they also take down the Dish 500 (and wing dish) as part of the install? Do they keep the equipment and cabling or can we?
They better put that in their offer then, as most people purchased and own that Dish.

I know I would put up a fight if they tried taking my Dish (without asking first)

Hell I would consider criminal charges if they took my Dish 500 without asking me first. The dish is not property of Dish Network, the Dish is YOUR property.
Well, the 61.5 dish was free as well as the cabling, and the LNB in the 500. I did provide both SW21s though. So when Dish gives you something "FREE" does it mean they gave it to you or are loaning it to you ;)
I paid for my E* equipment, didnt get a single thing free.. It would take an aweful lot for them to get my Dish 500 and my Dish 300 (both which I paid for (so I could have skyangel) from me.
That raises the question about DHP users that upgrade to SuperDish. They take back the Dish 500 that was on DHP, but now I'm making a new commitment, just like a non DHP customer, does the SuperDish then fall outside the DHP hardware?
I could see them taking a Smart Card as that is leased per the contract term (just like a software license).

But not the Dish. I paid money for it and I got a receipt.
We need to read the contract or official terms, once they're available.

The upgrade may be a "net price upgrade" meaning Dish requires a trade in.

We often see terms like that when upgrading large computers.

I'm just explaining how it might be set up. I am NOT saying I think it's "good".

Of course, terms are always negotiable if one is sufficiently persuasive. ;)
dfergie said:
I have 2 dish 500's, one of which I use with my camper. They will get them when they pry them from my dead fingers, I paid for them.

dmodemd said:
With the SuperDish install will they also take down the Dish 500 (and wing dish) as part of the install? Do they keep the equipment and cabling or can we?

Hmmm... I have a spare Dish 500 with one of those infamous faulty DishPro twin LNBFs. I guess I'd better ask first and pony up the spare before the guy tries to take down my aimed Dish 500. If he doesn't have two DP+44 switches for me, I'll need that dish so I can keep a 61.5/110/119 configuration on one of my two DP34's. At least he won't have to give me a DP34 with the superdish because I paid big bucks for those a year ago.

--- WCS
He can take my Dish 500 so long as he leaves me with something working for my two dishplayers (and a 921)..
If they'll come out and do a one-for-one swap of a Superdish for my Dish 500 (including DP 34), I'll consider that a "free" (with one-year commitment, of course) upgrade, and that's OK. I can't imagine that they'd want my 300, but if they did, I would fight to keep it. If they leave the 500 also, that's even better.

When I got my first dish sys it was a dish 300, I then added a 2nd 300 and sw 21 for 110. They never gave me a dish 500 and they sure are not going to take one.
Dish can simply say "Yes, you can keep your dish sir, but you can also pay full price for the SuperDish and installation."

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