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Mar 3, 2004
Fairport, NY
I have been a Dish customer for seven years and have just decided to upgrade to the 721 and SuperDish (ROC locals). Currently my D500 is mounted to the roof, see photo (if I did it right).

My HOA has REQUESTED that new dish installations be mounted to the vertical surface to minimize rain leakage problems. If I go that way I need expert advice as to whether to mount it to the cedar* siding by using an inverted piece(s) of siding to make the surface flush OR mount it to the vertical 3/4" cedar* siding above...both are backed with 1/2" CDX plywood. I believe that the 3/4" siding will make it much more difficult for the installer to find the studs.

* Cedar siding is very prone to cracking unless drilled thru first, thus making it a poor structural member.


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The SuperDish weighs a heck of a lot more than a Dish 500. That's gotta be your primary consideration.

I'm curious as to why your HOA cares about rain leakage? It's your roof, right?
SS, it has to do with insurance rates, but it is above the garage so I guess it is not a major I have precedence set. Also, the roof will be replaced in a few years which would require a realignment.
The light went on - you must be in a condo.

Well, just be aware that a SuperDish wall mount requires a lot more holes - to do it right requires 2 extra support arms.
Superdishes are best pole mounted... if your house has touchy shingling, i wouldn't want a superdish on it. I'm sure it can be done if ALOT of time and care when into it. Predrilling, maybe even putting a rubber gasket in between the feett of the stabilizer arms and the shingling.

I'm just thinking the wind loads and flexing stresses might wreak havoc on your siding.

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