SuperDish on HOLD?

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Sep 7, 2003
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I have received notes from a few Dish Network dealers telling them to STOP installing SuperDISH's and to tune into a special Retailer Charlie Chat tommorow at noon.

As soon as we know more we will let you know. You can bet we will be tuned to the chat and will report back anything that may interest you the consumer!

(a) SuperDish is a flop?
(b) SuperDish will be bundle with 921 for free (yeah right!)?
(c) SuperDish is out of business (Bird at 105 exploded)?
(d) SuperDish is only for a few?

My guess is that Dish is realizing some of the early resistance from those who want a 2nd dish solution instead and may be rethinking the process. Or maybe its just manufacturing delays again...who knows!!!
Dish just sent out a PDF alerting dealers of the change of date to tommorow for the Charlie Chat...

No mention of the SuperDISH, but this is the agenda for tommorows retailer chat from the PDF

THIS SHOW: Local Market Launches
Q4 Promotions
Programming News
Hardware Updates
As always, your calls and emails

I just find it interesting that dealers are getting called and are being told to STOP installing SuperDISH's and to tune to tommorows chat for more information.
gpflepsen said:
I'm on pins and needles.

Could anyone construe this into a good thing?

Yes... that Dish is correcting a problem before they try and do any more rollouts!

I know it sounds simplistic, but it's a good sign by me. It's much
easier to fix a problem now than after zillions of the SuperDishes are installed.
Note there may be no problems with the SuperDISH, I have no idea where the retailers who called or emailed are located, they could be in the same basic area.

Again we will be the first to fill you in on the details tommorow at 12 noon eastern. :)
Thats what I was about ready to ask, if those retailers were in the same areas or on the outer edge of where they say the SuperDish can receive an acceptable signal, or maybe a retrans agreement gone bad for a DMA, or a part on the dish (lnbf, switch, etc.) that could have an issue.
Dish also just started a new retailer site and it sounds like many retailers are having problems with it. As another retailer said on a different site, this could just be a chat to fix the problems of the new site.

Guess we won't know til tomorrow.

People shouldn't start jumping to conclusions usless you have the proper mat.

Sorry couldn't resist the Office Space reference.

Yes the retailer web site is messed up. :)

You would have thought they would have tested things before switching over to a new site for the retailers, but again this is Dish we are talking about.

I also see a few retailers mentioning on DishRetailer that they got the phone calls to stop installing the SuperDISH.

Again, no need for a panic, we will have all the details tommorow. :D
A retailer from Springfield said on the retailer chat forums the following:

A lady from Dish just called. She said to stop using the superdish. Said we would no longer have to have a superdish, just the Dish500 for our area.

With confirmation from other retailers they were told to stop installing the SuperDish as well. Perhaps its good news instead of bad news.
Maybe Charlie wised up, has postponed/cancelled Superdish - ordered an immediate release (12/1) of 921 and 811, and activation of HD channels that they have carriage agreements for.

We can always dream...
Maybe it is something exciting like the decided to more everything around. It would be exciting if they were to decide 121 HDTV only (of course I am dreaming that they would do that, but you never know).

I still think it would make the most sense if 121 was HDTV, 105 was LIL, and the wings were international only. Unfrotunately Dish has their satellites all messed up atm with LIL scattered across 5 satellites. Too bad they were not smart and move all LIL off the wings and on to 105.
Maybe Charlie wised up, has postponed/cancelled Superdish - ordered an immediate release (12/1) of 921 and 811, and activation of HD channels that they have carriage agreements for.

XMAS in november if thats what going to happen